Manuka honey

Manuka honey

published by Ioana Serea on 19 April 2021

Manuka honey

"Shouldn't we be in step with fashion?!

Let's not consume Manuka honey?!

But how else?! "

Well, yes and no!

It's good to be up to date with everything new, but more importantly it is to be informed!!

Manuka honey is good… suuuper bunaaa… and here I do not mean the taste, but I mean the benefits!!

Honey is a miracle food anyway, and that's what I'm telling you, a person who comes from the family of beekeepers (my grandmother, who is now 92 years old – yes, long-lived gene, but this is another topic to address… is it from the honey he has consumed throughout his life?!?!.. – has hives, and makes honey since I know myself.. I jump from one to the other and, another topic that I will address are allergies, because rasu '-plasu', I am allergic to the bee sting … basically I swell if I'm stung by the bee, I can't breathe anymore, and… Die!… so my generation stops this job :)) ) and knows what "eats" this topic"!!

But manuka honey, it's MI-NU-NA-TA, downright wonderful!! Before purchasing it, it is important to inform yourself, to know exactly what you are buying, for what particular benefits, and more importantly, to take care not to be counterfeited!!

I'll leave you more details in the video below!

Let it be useful!!