How to Educate Our Children – Urania Cremene: All About Parenting

How to educate our children –
Urania Cremene: All About Parenting

published by Ioana Serea on 19 April 2021

How to Educate Our Children – Urania Cremene: All About Parenting

Much has been written on this subject… Articles.. Books… entire libraries!

And not from yesterday to today… nuuu… Always!

"-Do so, that's good! -Nuuu… that's silly!, do the opposite!"

"- Apply this method! – Nay, apply this one!, that is the best!"

"-In my day … … "

You understand what I'm saying?!..

Well, the fact that we become parents does not come with the certainty that we will know them all and that we will do all things ok.. It even comes with a series of anguishes: Will I handle it? Will I do things in order? Will I be an ok parent for my child?

I feel like I've discovered the goose with golden eggs, and I actually feel like I'm exploding with excitement! It seems to me the most logical, the most natural and the most natural thing, to share with you too!!

I discovered that person who did all the work for us parents: he read a lot about parenting, he researched thoroughly, and he put all the information together, with a logic, with an epic thread, he made a summary, and he put it on the tray for all of us!!!

How cool is that!?!?..

Now that I made you curious, I'll let you watch the video below, to find out what I had to say!

Let it be useful!