What we read to children

What we read to children

published by Ioana Serea on April 29, 2021

What we read to children

About reading and what are its advantages, especially in terms of the little ones, I will not talk to you now, that you already know them!

I will, however, quickly review them:

  • develop vocabulary
  • develop imagination
  • improves the power of concentration
  • help the child to have better results at
  • relaxes the child's mind and body
  • creates a strong bond between parent and child
  • enlarges the child's horizons of knowledge

What is important to remember, however, are 2 aspects: to read them to children!! -how often, how much – and to diversify reading!!, in order to be able to form the adult of tomorrow that we want!

In our family this happens constantly, and I am very glad when I come across good, beautiful books, which I recommend!!

Now I come with 3 recommendations of books, of collections even, and the last one shown in the video below is downright unique, both literally and figuratively!!

I hug you with love,