Tiramisu babyfriendlfara baking

published by Ioana Serea on March 6, 2021, updated on November 21, 2022

Tiramisu babyfriendly without baking

I am a fan of foods that are made easily and quickly, with few ingredients to prefer, which you mix without a rule existing beforehand, put them in a dish, and put them in the oven. No chef classes you don't need, and there's no chance you'll fail with the final preparation.
Starting from this "ideal" of recipes, to which I tend, I began to simplify things even more, and when in the equation there is also "no baking", I can already say that the recipe is not only ideal, but perfect! I even developed a passion for this concept, the recipe that #seface alone – you can find here a whole article written on this topic, with all the necessary details).

Below I leave you a variant of tiramisu without baking, which is suitable for the little ones, that it has no coffee, and the sweet in it is without sugar.

I recommend children over 1 year old, because the biscuits, commercially bought, also have some sugar in them.


Preparation mode

In the video below you can find detailed step by step how to prepare this delight1

Tiramisu babyfriendly without bakingRecommendation: make at least double quantityTiramisu babyfriendly without baking

Enjoy the kitchen, good appetite and waiting for your opinion you try it!Tiramisu babyfriendly without bakingTiramisu babyfriendly without baking

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