Hummus for babies

Humus – the basic recipe

published by Ioana Serea on May 7, 2021

Hummus for babies

I think that each of us has the tendency to prepare in the house dishes from what we have seen in our parents, maybe even at our grandparents.

We hardly get out of our comfort zone and try new things. We are more willing to do this when we go out to the restaurant, or when we travel. Otherwise, we stick to the known ones, which come out well, so we go for sure with them!

I personally didn't have any kind of relationship with hummus until a few years ago. I served when I went to Turkish restaurants, and that's it! We do not buy from the trade, and in no case do not prepare in the house.

But as things change, I was evolving (I want to believe), I joined my destiny with my husband, a great lover of this dish. Carina, our little girl, also quickly and clearly embraced this dish, and here I am, to make it in the house, even with regularity I would add.

The recipe is flavia Hiriscau's, and she convinced me from the first, and not only that it is tasty and nutritious, but it is made very easily and quickly!!

I wish you to try it yourself, at least once, because you will definitely fall irreparably in love with it.


I omitted the spices from her recipe, to make it suitable for babies.

Preparation mode:

You can find in the video below described in detail each step.

Good appetite!