5 topics I don't discuss

5 topics I don't discuss

published by Ioana Serea on August 22, 2021

5 topics I don't discuss

For those who "landed" directly to this article, and do not understand who they are, what they do, and why I say that I have 5 topics that I am not willing to discuss, let's start with the beginning!

I'm Ioana, mom of Carina (3 years 5 months) and Caesar (9 months), and I'm a food blogger, I make recipes for babies.

Besides recipes, I chose some time ago (a few months ago), to share with you aspects of my life, life as a mother, as a parent, which I faced, and for which I found a solution, a solution … that's in the idea that it will help you too!

Starting from this idea, which turned out to be auspicious, you, those in my community, who follow me, began to propose other topics to me. and others.. Where of them I approached something, others I still have on the list (and I promise that I will find myself for as soon as possible to debate them), but there are also some that (even) I am not willing to discuss! 😀

I listed them in the video below, so… with a minimum of detail, why I choose not to debate them, and thank you in advance for your understanding!

There are five topics in this category… the controversial majority, one opinion on both one side of the barricade and the other, are so well outlined that, no matter how informed I am on the subject, I really do not want to get into polemics with absolutely no one :))

With love,