Brownie with sour cherries

Brownie with sour cherries

published by Ioana Serea on May 18, 2021Brownie with sour cherries Brownie mix is the mixture for the preparation of delicious brownie cakes with cocoa and fine chocolate .


A box of 450g BROWNIE MIX, mix with 3 EGGS (at room temperature), 50ML WATER or Milk and 125 ml melted butter, Vegetable OIL or coconut oil.

This delicious American recipe is always present on holidays on the tables of those in the United States of America.

Mix with the mixer the wet ingredients then add the brownie mix, place in the pan in a thickness of maximum 5 cm, garnish on top with chocolate chips, then leave for 18-22 min, in the preheated oven, at 175 °C. Time may vary depending on the power of the oven and the thickness of the tray used. After 18 min. check with a wooden skewer if it is ready. If there is an unripe dough on the stick, it means that it should be left a little more. Check again after 2 minutes. Be careful not to leave it too much, it will harden … After removing the tray from the oven, do not cut immediately, wait at least 5 minutes before portioning the brownie.

Prepared from natural ingredients, with this cake you will surely amaze your guests.

It can also be prepared in the form of muffins, but you can also make delicious cake countertops or cakes.

Brownie Mix 450g, contains whole pieces of dark chocolate.