Contest 7-8.2.2021

Contest 7-8 February 2021

Contest 7-8.2.2021


Together with @fonte_naturis we have prepared a mega surprise for you: 5 days of giveaway, with 50 prizes, 50 winners, 10 every day🥳
Each prize consists of 11 products worth over 300 lei:
💫 Cereal Granola Raw from Tigernut with Chocolate and Bananas,
💫 Grain Granola Raw from Tigernut with Bananas and Vanilla,
💫Grain Granola Raw from Tigernut with Mar and Cinnamon,
💫Grain Granola Raw from Tigernut with Strawberry and Coconut,
💫 Grain Granola Raw from Tigernut with Oranges and Cardamom,
💫 Kasha Raw from Tigernut with Cocoa (or Kasha Raw from Tigernut with Carob, depending on the available stock)
💫 Almond Milk Sweetened with Grape Syrup,
💫 Kookie Cat Mix 1 – 5 tastes,
💫 Kookie Cat Mix 2 – 5 tastes,
💫 The sweetness of the Sicilian Clementines,
💫 Sweetness of Oranges of Ribera D.O.P.

!!️Today, on day 1, will be chosen by drawing lots 10 winners who will be announced in the story and as an update to the post (To have already prepared Name, Surname, Phone number, Full address for sending prizes and proof of fulfillment of the conditions of participation)
!!️There are 40 prizes left for 40 winners in the next 4 days.
!!️The blessed winners of one day will no longer be able to participate in the giveaways of the other days.
!!️The winners will pay the equivalent value of the transport in the amount of 25 lei.
!!️The contest takes place in Romania between Sunday 7 February 17:30 – Monday 8 February, 17:30.

To enter the contest, you need to go to the Instagram page @baby_friendly_recipes and:
follow @jos_baby_friendly_recipes and @fonte_naturis
✅ Subscribe to the YouTube channel (link in BIO)
✅ tag 1 member of a couple. More tags, more chances of winning 😉
💚share in the story of the giveaway (not mandatory, but help me to give the news further😍 Thanks in advance 🙏❤️ )