Easybitez, a new perspective on cooking

Easybitez, a new perspective on cooking

published by Ioana Serea on December 8, 2021

Easybitez, a new perspective on cooking

Many people "run away" from cooking food at home, for various reasons: I do not know if it will come out well, I do not have them with the kitchen, I do not have time to shop, I do not know recipes, too complicated to think about the menu, I have no time for such a thing!

Do you believe me if I tell you that I had a period in my life when I considered the same?!

The fact is that I have always been uncertain to find solutions, to prepare food in the house, easily and quickly, in order to have control over its taste and quality – to be healthy and nutritious!

And as all my searches went in this direction, to find easy and fast solutions to cooking in the house, when I lived in Germany, I came across a very cool concept! I liked it so much, and somehow I saw it as the future, that at that time I thought I would bring it to Romania. But you know what it's like… we have many ideas, practice kills us!

And yet, I was very glad to discover that two young people, they took it before me, and brought this concept to Romania!

I'll let you find out the details of the video below, but I'll still give you a hint: Easy Bitez!

When I find out about useful things, I will let you know in a moment!

Hugs with love,