Granola with vegetable yogurt

Granola with vegetable yogurt

published by Ioana Serea on June 4, 2021

Granola with vegetable yogurt

Breakfast has never been tastier and nutritious, and at the same time easy and quick to make!

Granola with vegetable yogurt and fresh raspberries is an ideal combination of flavors that you will surely fall in love with!


Preparation mode:

Mix the vegetable yogurt with the granola, add the fresh raspberries, and that's it!, the snack is ready!

Have a craving!

About Cereal Granola Raw Vegan with Maca, Gluten-Free, Amore-Biostyle, Eco:

GRANOLA RAW VEGANA AMORE- It is a delicious and crunchy alternative to breakfast, for all tastes and for all ages. Devoid of any kind of unwanted ingredient and rich in fiber and nutrients, this raw vegan granola is the ideal choice for the first meal of the day.

-The main ingredient that underlies the Amore granola is activated buckwheat.

-Through the process of activating ingredients, unhealthy substances (such as anti-nutrients or inhibitors found in the peel of certain seeds) are neutralized, thus preventing digestive problems or food allergies.

-At the same time, the process of digestion and absorption is eased as a result of the alkaline properties of these seeds.

– The special and unique taste of maca ingredient will turn this assortment into your favorite.

  • Properties

-The ingredients are from organically certified agriculture.

-It is sweetened with nectar from coconut flowers.

– It doesn't contain lactose.

– It doesn't contain Soy.

– It's gluten-free.

  • Content

-One box contains 250 gr. of Granola Amore with Maca, certified organic product.

-Ingredients: Buckwheat*, coconut flakes*, Tigernut flour*, cocoa butter*, raisins*, dried figs*, nectar from coconut flowers*, sunflower seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, cashews*, Maca powder*. *Ingredients come from organically certified agriculture.

– Nutritional values per 100 gr: Energy value 423.3Kcal / 1772.7 KJ, Lipids / of which saturated fatty acids 20.9 gr / 13.5 gr, Carbohydrates / of which sugars 49.8 gr / 14.2 gr, Fiber 10.7 gr, Protein 10 gr, Salt 0.01 gr.

  • consumption

-It is ideal for breakfast, prepared only with milk, yogurt or vegetable drinks.

-Can be consumed directly as a snack.

-For an exceptional taste it is recommended to be consumed together with a vegetable drink that contains coconut milk.