Chia pudding with kiwi puree for babies

Chia pudding with kiwi puree for babies

published by Ioana Serea on March 9, 2021

Chia pudding with kiwi puree for babies

What is to know about chia pudding is that, the base, the pudding itself, has 2 ingredients and 3 steps to follow to prepare it, and in terms of topping, the options are endless.

You can match it with any fruit you want, dishes or smoothies, with seeds, whole or shredded, and when you add yogurt, it becomes absolutely spectacular!I'll leave you below a loud, very tasty idea of chia pudding with kiwi puree.

Have a craving!


Preparation mode:

I mixed the milk with the chia and left it to hydrate overnight in the fridge.
The next day I mixed with cinnamon and honey.
I put a mango in the blender to get the puree and put it over the chia pudding. I added some blueberries.

It can be served as a snack or as a breakfast. However you choose to do it, you will fall in love with this quick and tasty version (not to mention nourishing!!) of pudding.

I'm waiting for you with your opinion when you try it too!

Kisses and hugs!