Protein pudding with yogurt, chia and oatmeal

Protein pudding with yogurt, chia and oatmeal

published by Ioana Serea on April 18

Protein pudding with yogurt, chia and oatmeal

I'm always looking to find those dishes that are easy to make (that kind of chicken everything in a bowl and mix… or in the blender…) and foaaarte quickly (not to take you more than a few minutes everything …). The ones without baking are I-DE-A-LE!!!

I orient myself at the same time that the preparation to be healthy (and here I solve everything from the ingredients: I choose to be of quality.. eco… bio..) and to have a buuun taste (this part I solve from the ingredients that I combine with each other, depending on the flavors, the taxes, and the quantities of each one).

That's how I basically get to do something that's to the taste of every member of the family.I never say that I know them all (that's far away I would say … and, ironically, the more I find out, the less I seem to know… – does it happen to you?! 😀 ), so I also look at the most experienced ones.

Herbalife has been a pioneer in nutrition, and she's been doing it well, for a very long time. To my house recently entered, and shyly I could add :))

This pudding recipe is taken from a cookbook of their own, and it's very good, so I couldn't help but share it with you!!

I'll leave you some discount codes, where to take the ingredients:

Enjoy the kitchen and have a craving!


Preparation mode:

Mix all the ingredients well and leave in the fridge overnight, covered. So simple!

You can decorate with fruits (blueberries, banana, mango) and / or with seeds (nuts, almonds, cashews)