Beautiful silhouette after cesarean section?! Course!!

Beautiful silhouette after cesarean section?! … Course!!!

published by Ioana Serea on September 10, 2021

Beautiful silhouette after cesarean section?! Course!!

You didn't even get to give birth, that you are already bombarded with kind and kind of questions, indiscreet I could add, about how you will give birth … naturally or by cesarean section!?..

Until you get to open your mouth and tell your thoughts, you are still served … So… on the tray… a series of statements: "If you give birth by cesarean section, your body will never recover! The cut muscle doesn't recover, it doesn't weld anymore, it won't be what it used to be! And from sports to take your mind off!"

Have you happened?! …

Well, I'm coming to debunk this theory, and tell you that it's possible!! You can even have a beautiful silhouette even after you have given birth by cesarean section!!

I am a concrete example, and like me, believe me there are many other mothers.Practically the beauty of our body does not end just that we choose or we are forced to give birth by cesarean section!

Let it be helpful to share my experience from the video below!

With love,