Tiramisu without baking for babies

Tiramisu without baking for babies

published by Ioana Serea on March 6, 2021

Tiramisu without baking for babies

I am a fan of foods that are made easily and quickly, with few ingredients to prefer, which you mix without a rule existing beforehand, put them in a dish, and put them in the oven. No chef classes you don't need, and there's no chance you'll fail with the final preparation.
Starting from this "ideal" of recipes, to which I tend, I began to simplify things even more, and when in the equation there is also "no baking", I can already say that the recipe is not only ideal, but perfect!

I will leave you a variant of tiramisu without baking, which is suitable for the little ones, that it has no coffee, and the sweet in it is without sugar.

I recommend children over 1 year old, because the biscuits, commercially bought, also have some sugar in them.


Preparation mode

I mixed the milk with the carob, put it in a deep plate, and soaked each poscot in it, by a single dive.
I spread on a platter half of the biscuits, and then I put another teaspoon of the milk with carob on each piscot, on its length (no more, that you risk to soften the biscuits very much). I did the same thing with the rest of the biscuits, but I put them aside at this stage.
I mixed the mascarpones with the teaspoon of stevia from GrecoStevia (if you use another brand of stevia, pay attention to the parity: how many tablespoons of stevia = how many tablespoons of sugar. In the case of GrecoStevia, 1 tablespoon of GrecoStevia = 2 tablespoons of sugar).
I divided the quantity into 2 and put half over the biscuits on the platter. I continued with another row of biscuits and the rest of the mascarpone.
I decorated with carob.

Tiramisu without baking for babiesRecommendation: make at least doubleTiramisu without baking for babies quantity

Good appetite and I wait for your opinions when you try it!Tiramisu without baking for babiesTiramisu without baking for babies