Topping of coconut syrup for pancakes

Topping of coconut syrup for pancakes

published by Ioana Serea on May 18, 2021Topping of coconut syrup for pancakes Coconut Flower Syrup – Coconut flower syrup is the traditional natural sweetener in the Philippines.

– It is obtained by a traditional method, more precisely by thickening the sap, freshly obtained from the flowers of coconut trees.

-It is the ideal sweetener for preparing desserts, various dressings, Asian dishes and not only.

  • Properties

-It is a product made from ingredients from certified organic agriculture.

– It's gluten-free.

-Does not contain refined sugars.

  • Content

-One package contains 350 gr Coconut flower syrup, certified product both Organic and Naturland.

-Ingredients: Syrup from coconut flowers* 100%.

-Nutritional values per 100 gr: Energy value 300 Kcal / 1275 KJ, Lipids <0.5 gr / of which saturated fatty acids <0.1 gr; Carbohydrates 75 g of which sugars 75 gr; Fiber <0.8 gr, protein <0.6 gr; Salt 0.03 gr.

  • consumption

-Perfect for preparing desserts.

-Ideal for a kitchen full of fantasy.