Baby carob waffles

Baby carob waffles

published by Ioana Serea on March 11, 2021

Baby carob waffles

Waffles can be made in a way and face, sweet or salty, with fruit or cheese, to everyone's liking.

From this chapter of diversity, I want to present you with a "chocolate" version… It's true, baby!

I'm going to cook!


Preparation mode:

Mix in a bowl the dry ingredients (flour, stevia, organic baking powder, carob), and in another bowl the wet ones (eggs, oil, water, vanilla essence).
Add the dry ingredients over the wet ones and mix until all the dough is homogenized.
Use the waffles machine 🥰

What I can say about them is that, unlike the ones we've gotten used to, soft, fluffy, they're a little stronger.

Have a craving!