Waffles with orange juice for babies

Waffles with orange juice for babies

published by Ioana Serea on March 11, 2021

Waffles with orange juice for babies

When you wake up with a craving for Waffles, I recommend this recipe, which I in turn took from Anca from BebeMananca.com
Stop thinking and I put into operation the gofre😇 machine
Besides the fact that they are delicious and will simply disappear from the plate, what I like about these waffles is that they are healthy, soft, and very fast to do❤️

Get rid of this hard ieftim in the morning with this breakfast😁


Preparation mode:

Mix all the ingredients until the composition becomes homogeneous, and use with confidence the waffle machine (the composition has reached us for 3 trances)

Directions for use:
They are served together with their loved ones, with a lot of good vibes😇

Hugs and kisses❤️😘