Yogurt with kasha

Yogurt with kasha

published by Ioana Serea on May 18, 2021Yogurt with kasha KASHA RAW FROM TIGERNUT– It gives color and a delicious taste to your drink.

  Whether it's preparing cereal, porridge, smoothies or a simple shake, add 3 tablespoons of Kasha and your preparation. will be enriched with the intense aroma of carob and cinnamon.

-Tigernut is known as Ciufa and Almond Grass, respectively, but it can also be known as Tiger Nuts or Tigrate Peanuts.

-Ciufa bulbs are not nuts, but tubers of this plant, with a content rich in fiber, protein, Potassium, Magnesium, also having antioxidant role.

-Kasha is made from Tigernut flour, preserving all the properties of this plant.

-It is very versatile, healthy and easy to digest, ensuring you an additional energy intake.

  • Properties

-The ingredients come from organically certified agriculture.

-Contains enzymes, minerals and a rich range of nutrients that our body needs.

-It has the excellent properties of Tigernut: high fiber, iron, probiotics and Vitamin E.

-Tigernut is naturally sweet, so Kasha does not require sweetening.

-Provides quick digestion, free of discomfort.

-It is suitable for any kind of diet and is recommended to all: vegetarians, vegans, omnivores as well as those who just want to have a delicious and healthy breakfast.

-Does not contain the addition of food dyes, additives or genetically modified organisms.

– It doesn't contain lactose.

– It doesn't contain Soy.

– It's gluten-free.

– It doesn't contain nuts.

– It doesn't contain added sugar.

  • Content

-A bag contains 300 grams of Kasha with the aroma of carob and cinnamon.

-Ingredients: Tigernut flour* 67%, chia*, carob powder*, mesquite powder*, Ceylon cinnamon*. *Ingredients come from organically certified agriculture.

-Nutritional values per 100 gr: Energy value 1846kj/ 443kcal, Lipid 18 gr., of which saturated fatty acids 5,8 gr., unsaturated fatty acids 11 gr, Carbohydrates 46 gr., of which sugars 19,9 gr., Fibre 9,3 gr., Protein 7,5 gr., Salt 0.08 gr.

  • consumption

-Ideal for the preparation of porridge, smoothies, shakes, desserts or to enrich the taste of cereals. Add 3 tablespoons of kasha to your preparation. and homogenize well.

-At the same time, you can prepare simple kasha, stirring approx. 3 tablespoons (40gr.) with 100 ml water (cold/warm) or your favorite milk type and your kasha. it's ready.