BIO Bjorg biscuits – a healthy alternative for the little ones

BIO Bjorg biscuits – a healthy alternative for the little ones

published by Ioana Serea on April 5, 2021

BIO Bjorg biscuits – a healthy alternative for the little ones

You can tell by the name of the blog and its content that I am a person concerned about healthy food and a mother oriented in giving children nutritious foods, preferably made in house, that are full of nutrients, and free of dyes, preservatives, E's and so on.

I believe that healthy eating habits are passed on to young children, and once they are acquired, they can hardly be changed or eliminated.

I chose to prepare all the food and snacks in the house, and to be exceptions those moments when I resort to something bought. When this happens though – and I'll tell you honestly that it's still happening, that the day is still 24 hours long for me, the mother of 2 children, and for the rest of the people – I try to find healthy alternatives… of crackers, of juices… just like the ones I prepare and we all serve with pleasure.

Bio snacks from Bjorg-Little Curious you can find at Nutrivita have arrived in my house through buzz store .

I was curious to see how I am, but at the same time skeptical, that you rarely meet healthy products … truly healthy!

Well, these crackers are made from whole grains, and do not contain dyes, preservatives, added flavors or palm oil!

They are tasty, nutritious, and very practical – wine packaged separately, and can be easily squeezed in the pocket of a coat or a bag, a backpack 😉

They are ideal to quench both hunger and craving for something good!

I recommend them to children over 1 year +, because they also contain sugar, salt, cocoa, not recommended for babies.

BIO boats with cereals and apricot jam are the favorites of my whole family, being soft, flavorful and extreme … of' extremely tasty!

On the 2nd place in the top of preferences are bio bar with cereals and chocolate and bio bar with cereals and chocolate with hazelnuts . I'm in a tight tie, none of us could decide which one to take the silver medal! 😀

And the bronze medal, 3rd place, went to BIO Biscuits with cereals glazed with milk chocolate – and they got this place for the simple reason that they are more withoutmicios than the rest … but the taste is just as yummy!

Can't wait to try and BIO Boats with cereals and strawberry jam !!!

Which one do you like the most?

What healthy snacks do you choose for the little ones?!