How to get organized when you go shopping

How to get organized when you go shopping

published by Ioana Serea on April 9, 2021

How to get organized when you go shopping

Shopping therapy is holy, that's clear!.. at least for us women!

And when you're taken out of the house by BUZZStore and sent to shopping at Zara in Bucharest Mall , well, you feel at least like a diva!

I took advantage of this outing, and of the shopping I did, to share with you a practical method – I say, through which you can enjoy the experience of walking through the stores, and of testing the clothes, without missing too much from home.

For me, when I say "mall", in my mind is Bucharest Mall , being the first store of this type appeared in Bucharest, it is also relatively close to me, and I find everything I need in it!

And Zara , was, is and surely will remain the store that offers novelty, fashionable clothes, of good quality, and at the right price!

In the current set up, where I have the mall close to home, my favorite stores present in it, and with my practical method of streamlining everything, I would change absolutely nothing!!

I hug you with love,


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