Do I always cook or go out in the city?!

published by Ioana Serea on April 8, 2022

Do I always cook or go out in the city?!

Do I always cook or go out in the city?!

It’s a question I hear quite often from you. 😅
No!, and Yes! 😇 No, I mean I don’t always cook, and Yes, I go out and out!! 🥰

There are a few reasons why I choose like this:
💫 I experience new dishes, dishes that I do not frequently make at home
💫I enjoy the experience of going out, the socialization with friends

And when I go out, a place where he goes, and which I like a lot, is South Burger ! 💓
What I like here is that:
💫have a diversified menu, including dishes for the little ones
💫have outdoor terrace
💫have covered and heated terrace
💫have locally closed for the cold season
💫have playground for children, equipped with swings, slides, trampoline, box, tables and chairs for children, plus football table
💫have generous parking exactly inside the complex

And when I don’t have time to go out, but still I’m craving a delicious burger, ordering what I want from them, and they deliver directly to the door! 💓

At the same time, it is an ideal place to go out with girlfriends for a coffee, or with a business partner at a business meeting.

I go here quite often, so maybe see you there!! 🥰💓

I hug you with love,
❤️😘 Joan




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