micostore.ro, the place where I shop for children and the house

published by Ioana Serea on April 7, 2022

micostore.ro, the place where I shop for children and the house

Mommy, I discovered a gold mine, and I want to tell you about it!! It is the place where you can shop for the little ones, because here you can find all the right games and toys for children of all ages, but also shopping for the kitchen, for the house, even for you!!

Let me elaborate!!

Because recently it was Carina’s day, it turned 4 years old, like any conscientious parent, I asked myself on the left, on the right, other skilled mothers, what gift would you have been able to, given that I felt he had everything he could buy!

And many recommendations came to me on a product, namely the Wake lamp and the Projector with stories. I looked, I investigated, and I took that gift!!

But you realize that once on Micostore.ro website, my searches didn’t stop at a single toy!

Well, I found that they have a wide range of games and toys, puzzels, building sets, educational toys, creative toys, what to do, the dream of any child (and of any parent, I would add, that they do not run left, right, after all, but to have in their only one)!

I was also drawn to the attention of the outdoor toys and the sporting goods, given that I want to start arranging the yard, and things like a gondflabine pool, a swing, seem essential to me. And to them I add all kinds of bicycles, scooters and vehicles both for Carina, 4 years old, and for Caesar, for 1 year and 5 months.

Going on, also for the little ones, they have books, coloring nets, pencils, pencils, watercolors, plasticine, and all kinds of arts and crafts, that is, for handicrafts as it was in our time. Not to mention school supplies, as there they have a super range!

I also saw a few things for my husband’s office, in Office supplies and stationery, because he works from home, and he has already set up an office just his own, in the house.

And what actually anointed me on my heart, is the range for the Kitchen, which you realize, my glove dropped, so to speak! And related to gloves, also on Micostore.ro website, you can also find products and detergents for cleaning the house. And although I had heard of a magical cloth that works wonders all over the house, but so far I haven’t actually come across it, well, here I found it! I’ll leave you a direct link, to see what I’m saying about: The magic cloth! I took it, without thinking! Can’t wait to test it! I’ll be back with feedback on her soon!

You can also find children’s clothing and shoes , baby care products, but also cosmetics and body and face care products for you. I took this set from Fiternam, as I kept hearing commercials about it, and I’m very curious as it is: Micellar water cleanser set and day cream.

You can also find car seats, children’s strollers, and the range is very varied, you have where to choose what suits you!

And because they know that behind any energetic child, there is a tired mother, they also provide you with coffee and tea, not to run through other parts after them!

Another advantage that I perceived, and mothers know what I’m talking about, is that you can place the order online, on the site, you can pay by bank card (so do not go to the ATM to take out money), and the delivery is made directly to your door, in 24-48 hours, anywhere in the country!

Now, if you are wondering why there is so much enthusiasm on my head, I will reveal: a value that I care about a lot, namely the quality of the products, is shared by this family behind the micostore site, which does not compromise on it! What’s more, the prices you find on this site are correct, and do not happen in addition to the quality of the products and implicitly the safety of your children!

I am 100% convinced, I will continue to order from Micostore.ro, and I will show you along the way what products I have taken from them, how I use them, and how good they are!

When I still have good news, I come with it to you for sure!

I hug you with love,





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