Demineralization of children's teeth

published by Ioana Serea on February 24, 2022

Demineralization of children's teeth

Life as a parent, it's a continuous challenge, right?!

Besides the daily sleepless nights, laundry for washing and ironing, food to prepare, cleaning to do, periodic check-ups at doctors, scheduled vaccines, playing and reading for the little ones to develop harmoniously, we "wake up" overnight put in front of the accomplished fact, with some things we had no idea of them, much less knowledge of how to manage them.

That's how I happened, and like me many parents with whom I talked and who confirmed this to me!

What do I mean?! At the demineralization of children's teeth!!

What is it?When is it formed?How does it appear? How do we detect it? How do we treat it? Were we doing it ourselves or were we asking for help in a specialized practice? Remineralization treatments, at home or in the dental office? What toothbrushes do we use? What about pasta? Do we combine them? Do we give extra fluoride to children or not? Do we believe in babe cures and do experiments on our children? Does breastfeeding affect children's teeth or not? How do we manage to keep our teeth clean overnight, in the case of infants or babies who have nocturnal meals? Does the nutrition of the mother who chooses to breastfeed have any impact on the children's teeth and their ailments? What foods do we eat, with what texture, and what nutrients? What do we do with the cooperation of children?! Are we holding them by force, or are we trying to get cooperation from them?

These are just some of the questions that I, the mother of 2 children with demineralized teeth, had, and somehow I confirmed them with other parents who are facing the same diseases of their children's teeth.

And to help you, I went to the Cabinet of the Fairy Maseluta, and I talked to Dr. Andreea David, a skilled and gentle doctor with children, who had the patience to answer all my questions and those of the parents with whom I have previously discussed, in our understanding, to help us with this condition so common. Find all the information in the video below!

I hope that these answers, as well as my experience, will help as many parents as possible who are facing such diseases of their children's teeth!

On Dr. Andreea David can be found at the Cabinet of the Fairy Maseluta, and I highly and confidently recommend a consultation at the dance, even routine, and I am here to answer any ambiguity you have.

Hugs with love,