Pastrami with potatoes

published by Ioana Serea on April 4, 2022

Pastrami with potatoes

A recipe “stolen” from my mother, with all its secret, which I do very often, that it is easy to prepare, and very tasty! We all love it, from small to large, and somehow we never get bored of it!!


Preparation mode:

Cut the pastrami into cubes. Boil over low heat with oil and water about 45 minutes.
Cut the potatoes into 4 (attention, preferably the potatoes to be small, as much as the fist). Put them next to the pastrami and boil everything for 15 minutes over low to medium heat.

The secret of this recipe is to boil the potatoes together with the pastrami, because they take from the salt of the meat, and in the end you will have a tasty dish, and not a strong spicy one!

Spor the bucatrit si pofta buna!






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