Liquid detergent or powder for your baby's clothes?

Liquid detergent or powder for your baby's clothes?

published by Ioana Serea on 22 June 2021

Liquid detergent or powder for your baby's clothes?

How many things change with the arrival of babies… you have no idea!! :))

And I don't even know how I should interpret this fact… but no one shall say in advance how things shall be. it will not "prevent"… not even those close to you… Friends… Family… Relatives… your parents… I think they enjoy your enthusiasm to have a baby, and I know that, in one way or another, harder or easier, faster or slower, you will adapt and successfully cope with all situations!!

It changes the routine… from going from Monday to Friday to the office, from 9 to 18, plus probably an hour shower, an hour back… at… no longer known that it's day.. that's night… that's Monday … that's Sunday.. 😀

3 meals a day and 2 snacks!?.. That only remains in the nutrition books!! :)) Eat what you grab, when you grab… even realize that you have not eaten anything like the world for 2 days :)) Ah! Mint!! Do you know when you will really start eating after the baby comes?!.. when you start diversifying and all that remains from the child's table will be a consistent and constant food for you!! And don't tell me that it's not like that, that "you would lie to the people with the TV"… as my husband says :))

But let's go back to the moment before the baby comes into your family! Redecorate the house, cram a baby crib to you through the bedroom (that's if you stay at the apartment … small… and the child does not have his room), make room in your dressing room for small and adorable clothes (which you will later find occupy a large proportion of the dressing room.. as of! change your child a few good times a day..)..

And because we are on the subject of baby clothes, one piece of information with which you will be "bombarded" is the detergent you use to clean your baby's clothes! All the "mouths" say that it is best to use liquid detergent, and not powder, because what happens is that the powder detergent somehow remains in the fabric, no matter how many rinses you give it, while the liquid one is totally cleaned, and so the clothes that will come into contact with the baby's skin will be 100% clean, no detergent particles in the fabric! You know something, I'm neither a chemist nor a lab I don't have, but I didn't risk waking up with any irritation on the baby's skin, so I easily and quickly embraced the theory, and I made the switch from powdered detergent to liquid detergent only! 😉 

For me personally things were simple… we went from Persil powder to persil liquid. In the first 6 months, I can not say that I realized the efficiency of this detergent.. But I really saw her "magical power" when I started diversifying Carina.. That "body it is just sitting in the house.. that it is stained", to us there was no!! All the things came out of the washing machine so that when we bought them, and we gave them a rinse, we would wear them directly from the store, from the shelves!!! …

Let me tell you about my experience with the Persil capsules, as here is a story.. Although it was very easy for me to switch from Persil powder to Liquid Persil, well, compared to the capsules I was quite skeptical… I was living with the feeling that the package in which the liquid detergent is put does not dissolve, and that I will finally remove something from the washing machine … what will not be to my liking… So I avoided them!! As much as possible I avoided them!! Basically, I never bought it!:)).. up to a certain point!!..

And on the principle of "overcome your fears", life gives you all kinds of opportunities, experiences to live, so that you can learn a lesson! To me personally it gave me the experience of moving to abroad, in Germany, where, in the first phase, freshly moved there, I had the opportunity to see what it means to wash clothes at the laundry of the building, or at the one "around the corner"… Well, 2 phobias ticked in one shot: the one of washing clothes where others have washed (stuff related to hygiene … my husband and I being "easy" germophobes [:)) daca exista astfel de ternem pentru ce avem noi..]) , and that of "transat" things "eins, zwei, drei", by colors, on materials, etc., with "dose" of detergent predetermined! And so I help myself to the detergent capsules! Speaking of the saying, the beginning is hard… as then you become addicted!! :)) We have not become addicted, but we have overcome our phobia, and now we use it with great confidence, that we know (tested on our skin) that it is the right thing to do!

To me BUZZStore Romania and Ask Team Clean have given me the opportunity to share with you my experience in the field of detergents for baby clothes, in order that this information is useful to you!

Hugs with love,


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