How to have healthy hair after pregnancy

How to have healthy hair after pregnancy

published by Ioana Serea on June 18, 2021

How to have healthy hair after pregnancy

A topic of great interest for the new mothers, who somehow wake up unannounced by anyone, in the face of the fulfilled fact, is that of excessive hair loss, shortly after they have given birth.

The shock is so great, because yes!, indeed, a lot of hair falls after birth!!, that they do not know what to do, where to take it, who to ask, what products to use. The fact that they are breastfeeding, gives them an even greater state of anxiety regarding the resort to certain treatments against hair loss. Many, I could say most of them (and I am among them, at least after the first pregnancy), resort to trimming the hair, as a saving situation … But it is not the length of the hair that makes it healthy or less healthy!! What I think each of us can do is to inform ourselves: what we can do with hair during pregnancy, after pregnancy, when breastfeeding, what products we can use, if we can go to the salon and what moisturizing and hair regeneration treatments to opt for. So that my experience reaches as many of you as possible, and you can see that you can have a long, healthy and beautiful hair, even after you have given birth! In the video below I left all the info you need.And not to keep you much in suspense, reveal a small part of the success in having a healthy hair, namely the Rua Beleza Salon, located in the 4th district of Bucharest. It is the saving situation in the case of my hair, and not only: it has a lot of services, from manicure / pedicure to cosmetics, body treatments, solarium, even barbershop for dads. What is even more helpful is that it is spacious, strictly with cleanliness, so you can come accompanied by the little ones.

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