How to choose the optimal kindergarten

How to choose the optimal kindergarten

published by Ioana Serea on April 16, 2021

How to choose the optimal kindergarten

It's time to give your child to kindergarten and you don't know where to start the subject?!..

  • State kindergarten or private kindergarten?! …
  • When can I leave / take the child from kindergarten … that my work schedule is quite long…
  • All private kindergartens are authorized and accredited?!..
  • What educational method does it apply?!..
  • Can I give to any state kindergarten?!
  • When can it start?!..
  • What do they eat there?!..
  • Do I go out in the yard or just stay in class?! …
  • At what distance from home is it good to be kindergarten?!..

All these and many other questions have the answer in this video.

I went through this whole process with choosing a kindergarten, I decided to share with you both the stages of the selection process and the conclusions, and I hope it will be useful!