Monsieur Cuisine Connect from Lidl

Monsieur Cuisine Connect from Lidl

published by Ioana Serea on August 17, 2021

Monsieur Cuisine Connect from Lidl

I share baby recipes with you, and the fact that I chose to share things from my life as a mother, about babies, from my kitchen, was auspicious!

You saw in me the Monsieur Cuisine kitchen robot from Lidl, and you asked me about it, you recommended me to other people interested in this kitchen utensil, some of you showed me that you bought it!
Well, I feel somehow responsible now, to inform you as much as possible about it, in case you choose to buy it, to do it based on an informed decision! Let's start at the beginning: This kitchen robot is the SilverCrest brand, of lidl chain of stores, and is available under 2 models: Connect and Edition Plus.
Monsieur Cuisine Connect from Lidl

I continue by telling you that, at the moment, in Romania, there is available in stores, only the Edition Plus version, and it is at the price of 1000 lei (I saw the discount at 800 lei, but it is necessary to watch lidl offer and promotions of the week).I took in February 2021 from Belgium, connect model, the price is 400 euros (about 2000 lei), and I made this choice also based on a recommendation, of a friend, who tested it before me.

I had the opportunity to see how Thermomix works, and from what I obervat, both do the same thing, have the same functions, the difference being brand and cost (1-2 thousand lei, VS 6-7 thousand lei… and the Thermomix is also that MLM system, you need to know someone to sell it to you, and depending on how many people you convince to buy, you get a bigger or smaller discount – I personally do not like this constraint at all … it takes me out of my comfort zone… but each with his time and nerves 🙂 )

Going back to our sheep, Monsieur Cuisine Connect that I have,

  • boil
  • gratineaza
  • steam cook
  • mix
  • mix
  • Knead
  • crumbles
  • pass
  • Weighs

The technical specifications of the 2 models are similar – Edition PLus VS Connect:

Comparing with the Thermomix, Monsieur Cuisine has somewhere to 1000 recipes VS 3000, as has "cousin's", but now let's be serious, 1000 recipes / 365 days as it has a year, it takes you somewhere in 3 years to make all the recipes from the device. If we talk about 3000 recipes, well… 9 years! Pey in 9 years will probably appear any 7-8 "relatives" of these devices, and they will probably become as they are now for us mobile phones with buttons (to which children of this generation look and laugh that they fool, that those are not mobile phones, that do not have display and screen touch 🙂 ).

Yes, you understand well, the robot comes with predetermined recipes, where you have clear the ingredients and weights, plus the steps to follow to prepare the food. The good part is that, it has 3 major settings: time, rotation speed, and temperature, with which, from blogs / sites / groups of FaceBook you can take recipes that are not found in the device, and you can prepare those.

Unlike Thermomix, the menu is in English, but with Google translate and with sites / blogs and groups mentioned earlier by them, I guarantee you will not die of hunger!!

All in all, with 2 children and lack of time, this kitchen robot is a real salvation!!

So if you somehow flirt with the idea of purchasing such a product, I personally highly recommend it!

Let your information be useful!

With love,