Pandemic birth

Pandemic birth

published by Ioana Serea on 22 August 2021

Pandemic birth

Birth is a unique, magical moment, and that's not as I say it, that I have lived this experience twice, but everyone says the same thing!! (At least on this subject we all agree!! 🙂 )

As wonderful as everything is, as many question marks are raised, by future mothers, who are going to live this experience.

Now, in our time, pandemic, people are wondering, whether they are mothers at the first birth, or they are already at the second, the first birth being before the pandemic.

I am lucky (if you can say so) who lived them both: both before the pandemic, and during the pandemic.And I, like you, had a lot of question marks, although I went through the whole process once!

Will the close ones (at least the husband) have access to the hospital, in the reserve?Will I be able to breathe through the mask?

Am I just counting on myself or will I have the nurse there?

These are just a few questions I've raised, and once I've been through the pandemic birth experience, I've learned their answers.I've shared them with you in detail in the video below!

Let it be useful and easy birth!

With love,