Rice with Mediterranean vegetables

Rice with Mediterranean vegetables

published by Ioana Serea on June 4, 2021

Rice with Mediterranean vegetables

Tasty and nutritious meals should not require much preparation time, and a special skill in the kitchen!

With the right ingredients, everything can be done easily and quickly, and the final result to be a great one!

This rice with Mediterranean vegetables is the ideal combination of flavors, and the texture of the rice gives a special touch to the entire dish! 


Preparation mode:

Put 1 liter of water in a saucepan on the fire.

When the water has reached the boiling point, add the rice and let it boil for about 15 minutes.

Take everything off the fire and add the Mediterranean vegetables.

Mix and serve with pleasure!

Good appetite!

About Gluten-Free Carnaroli Rice, Acquerello:

Acquerello is the ambassador of italian culinary excellence in the world, in the field of high quality rice.

-Appreciated by the most famous chefs from all over the world, Acquerello rice is used as a special ingredient in the design and development of the most innovative recipes.

– It is processed using a traditional, special, very delicate method that keeps intact each grain of rice.

-Rice variety: Carnaroli.

  • Properties

-It is aged for at least a year in special silos, with controlled temperature, ensuring the stability of the starch content of the rice grain, thus improving its flavor and texture.

-Germ is the vital part of the rice grain, it contains most of the vitamins and microelements. During mechanical processing, the germs are separated from the grain of rice, but thanks to the unique procedure patented by Acquerello, they are reintegrated into the rice grain. In this way we can enjoy the rich taste of white rice, without losing the nutritional values specific to whole rice.

-1% of Acquerello's reserve is outdated for 7 years, in order to obtain a product destined for the most demanding cuisines of the world.

– It's gluten-free.

-Shelf life: between 3 and 5 years, depending on the packaging.

  • Content

-One box contains 250 gr Rice Acquerello Carnaroli.

-Nutritional values per 100 gr: Energy value 347Kcal / 1452 KJ, Lipids 1 / of which saturated fatty acids 0.2 gr; Carbohydrates 77 gr of which sugars 0.2 gr; Fiber 1; Protein 8 gr ; Salt 0 gr.

  • consumption

-Store in a dry and cool place.

-Cooking time for boiled rice is 10-11 minutes, and for risotto it is 18-20 minutes.