Tiramisu with raspberries without baking for babies

Tiramisu with raspberries without baking for babies

published by Ioana Serea on 30 March 2021

Tiramisu with raspberries without baking for babies

Tiramisu is a dessert with so many recipes, which better, you can try them all!!!

My favorite is the one without baking, that it is done in a few minutes, and, after all, if the enthusiasm is so high, it can be eaten directly, without being left to recede!

I have a "classic" tiramisu recipes (see the recipe here ), which I adapted to the requirements of Carina, the youngest of the family – what is now at the PINK stage… everything to be roooz!! – and we made a wonderful dessert, extraordinarily good, to the liking of the whole family!


  • 16 biscuits
  • 1 tablespoon carob
  • 1 cup milk (I took from Tei Grocery )
  • 500 g mascarpone
  • 2 teaspoon stevia (I took from GrecoStevia) – pay attention to quantities: 1 tablespoon GrecoStevia = 2 tablespoons sugar!
  • 300 g raspberry (I used frozen and I weighed it after it thawed and drained)
  • for decoration I used liolofized raspberries from LyoLife – liofolated fruits are those fruits that keep their life even after they are squeezed by water.

Preparation mode:

I mixed the milk with the carob, put it in a deep plate, and soaked each poscot in it, by a single dive.
I spread on a platter half of the biscuits, and then I put another teaspoon of the milk with carob on each piscot, on its length (no more, that you risk to soften the biscuits very much). I did the same thing with the rest of the biscuits, but I put them aside at this stage.
I mixed the mascarpones with the 2 tablespoons of stevia from GrecoStevia (if you use another brand of stevia, pay attention to parity: how many tablespoons of stevia = how many tablespoons of sugar. In the case of GrecoStevia, 1 tablespoon of GrecoStevia = 2 tablespoons of sugar) and raspberry.
I divided the quantity into 2 and put half over the biscuits on the platter. I continued with another row of biscuits and the rest of the mascarpone.
I decorated with lyophilized fruits.

Recommendation: make at least double the quantity!

Good appetite and I wait for your opinions when you try it!