The product I discovered after having children

The product I discovered after having children

published by Ioana Serea on August 23, 2021

The product I discovered after having children

"There is life <<before children>>, and life <<after children>>!" … this is the remark of a doctor who was holding a childcare course in 2018, which marked me terribly!! I understood the explanation, why this was happening, I resonated with it, and somehow it stuck in my mind!

How so?! Just like that!! :)) We finish our studies, we get hired (or we develop our own business), we find our chosen one of our heart, we travel, we have fun, we accumulate a very beautiful baggage of experiences and experiences, after which we "sit down at our house", and we start a family. The baby comes, time passes, and we start to look back and tell each other more stories. And all the stories begin with "Before the baby…" (I was doing and dregeam and etc.), and now….(changed everything at 180 degrees).. do, dreg etc etc. And do not tell me that it's not so, those who have children, that you will NOT BELIEVE!! :))

There's a lot to tell about before and after we have kids, that it basically changes our whole lives, and we can detail every aspect of it, from sleep to yesterday, and parties through clubs. But one thing that I frequently hear from parents, is the subject of home, and cleanliness, and as before they had a person who came to help them clean up once a week (because between us be it, corporate being the majority of us, you don't really stay on the house with so much time, and no mess/clutter is done), and as at the moment, do not make nymphs anything other than wash clothes, dry them, iron them, pack them, give with aspitagtorul, mop, wipe dust, wash dishes … and start over :))

Yes, that's how things change And, regarding the washing of clothes, that you let go of the washing machine once a week, once with black laundry, and once with white, do not even put so high price on the detergent you used, the washing program (that you just did not give the menu on you day by day :)) ), temperature, time, speed of rotation when squeezing or any other thing of this kind. Are you interested in what cleaning products are new to the market? Not at all!

Well, when the baby comes, the preoccupation begins in this regard: what fear do I wash her clothes for? Does the fabric break if I give many revolutions per minute to the juicer? Do I use liquid detergent or powder? Do I iron them or not? And so on… and so on…

There are question marks that I have also asked myself, and all the mothers I have talked to. In one way or another you will wonder what and how, how it works and what you have to do …

But there are also fabrics that don't go to the washing machine… and you need to wash them by hand… right in cold water… Is the detergent you normally use ok? Is it coping or is there a need for something extra? And here I come to share with you my experience, because, having reached such a point, I did not know how to proceed.And then we would discover Sanitizing for fabrics!!

What is great about this product is that you can use it both in the washing machine and when washing by hand, both in hot and cold water! It does not contain lye, and eliminates any unpleasant smell from clothes!It saves you a lot in all situations!!

I use from Asevi , because they are specialized in homemade products, cleaning!

I will also leave you a 15% discount code that you can use on their site: IOANA!

To be useful and increase the work!

With love,