Bundling for babies

Bundling for babies

published by Ioana Serea on May 7, 2021

Bundling for babies

I, like many other people, associate the cake with the sarbarorile, be they for Christmas or Easter. It's that good dessert, but it's not even done by clapping your hands.

And, as it takes time and skill for an extraordinary result, and implicitly it is not done too often, well, when we do it, we do it in abundance… to be… let's get tired!

We get to do so much that we don't even have time to eat it, that it has dried up!

To continue to enjoy it, but in another form, I propose you to turn it into pudding!

This is really done easily and quickly, and the taste is as good as it is!

I first saw this idea at Simo Eats, and I embraced it quickly and irretrievably.

Give him a chance, that you do very well!

Enjoy the kitchen!


Preparation mode:

Cut the cake into cubes.

Beat the eggs and add the melted butter and milk.

Grease a heat-resistant dish with butter, put the composition in it, and put in the oven preheated to 180 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes.

You can serve both hot and cold!

Have a craving!