How we help our children give up diapers

How we help our children give up diapers

published by Ioana Serea on May 11, 2021

How we help our children give up diapers

Giving up the diaper of children is an important stage in their lives, and implicitly also ours, the adults!

For them it is the moment when the need for autonomy is satisfied to the maximum, "I can do the potty, I am no longer a baby, I no longer need a diaper!", and for us it is that moment, as some parents call it, "How much extra money we have now that we no longer spend on diapers!" :))

We laugh, we joke, but it's an important stage. That is why it is good to be informed, to know how to help children, but especially, not to rush them, not to force them, not to create some traumas when this is not the case!

Even more, I personally recommend with great confidence to appeal to any kind of help we have, from a correct information, to innovative products that ease this process!

In the video below I tell you in detail how we did it with our children, what products we used, and how we managed to make a success at this stage!

Let it be useful!